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Hey People!!! Are you wanting to learn how to do video game programming and just don’t have time to learn. Well at Power Plunge, even you can be a video game creator. Today, video game making doesn’t have to be as hard as it used to be, especially for beginners. If you are still interested in game development there are a number of programming languages designed for you. I have included links to common game programming languages anyone can use in the Software tab of the Power Plunge website. We will primarily focus on online game development at Power Plunge. If you are interested in making games follow our tutorials and start learning now and before you know it you will be able to make games with real game code. Check back often for new games, development, and updated content.

If you are looking for free game we have that too. As a matter of fact we will have tons of new online games to play for free. So play games, and play games for free. Our game selection is still small but growing every week. Most of our games will be free games at least until we expand them to the mobile market. Come on and power plunge into gaming and submerge yourself in this new and awesome fabric of existence.

New Game -Ant Digger

The featured game this week is Ant Digger. Power Plunge always wants to bring you something new. As of now only one level is completed but there will be more to come. Ant Digger was made with Construct2. A few young artists pitched in and helped make the graphics for the game. In Ant Digger you must navigate the black ants to the queen in order to win. There will be obstacles in the way. Avoid the red ants and spiders. Don’t let the black ants get caught in a spider’s web. Blocks can also be used in the game. You may use the blocks to squish the spiders and ants. Be careful not to smash your own ant or you will have to start over.

Power Plunge into the realm of 2D video game programming the easy way with Construct2. You can find some good examples there and my own works here.

Check back soon and Power Plunge will have tutorials in how to make smoke, fire, and then show you how to add the candle. More tutorials will follow along with more games and game art here at Power Plunge. Power Plunge gets you where you need to be with your games. Click here to see the candle in action.